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 The hotel cares more about the brand or cares more about the star?

A hot tourism market in 2012 in Sichuan, the hotel industry is therefore benefited greatly, in the case of the property market and other industries generally subject to market pressures, the hotel industry is relatively stable.

"Over the past year, domestic hotel performance by region were significantly different, but overall stabilized trend Ho Chiu, senior vice president of Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels Group China.

A month ago, the China Tourist Hotels Association released the urban boom of the Chinese hotel market analysis "report. The report shows that in 2011, around the country hotel performance overall upward trend, the average price was 497 yuan, in 2012, this data increase to 514 yuan. But because of the human costs, inflation and other factors, the 2012 National Hotel actual growth than in previous years.

Ho Chiu, the urban complex high-end hotel, has always been the most product developers favor. Over the past year, the international brand hotels competing to enter China, making the hotel must also withstand outside pressure rating industry changes brought by the influx of big brands. Therefore, developers must clear market positioning, in order of market share, the hotel market segmentation has become an inevitable trend.

Market in Chengdu, where super the Chengdu hotel industry had experienced a shortage of the stock market, and now, the high-end brands have settled, will impact the entire market structure. The positioning is not clear after the hotel suffered market impact is bound to enhance their own services, and constantly improve their own, especially the distinction between market positioning, which will benefit the industry tends to be benign development.

Featured Hotels favored

Sichuan University, Institute for Tourism Studies, Professor Zhang Yan, Sichuan hotel industry over the past year, regardless of budget hotel or star hotel, the number of the growth in both, which is a manifestation of the market potential of the Sichuan Hotel.

Zhang Yan said the past year, the flagship business meetings service star hotel by the impact of changes in the domestic and international economic environment, many hotels, a decline in performance, economy hotel market is becoming more and more saturated, except Direct, a growing number of budget hotels to expand their market by joining, to provide investors with the opportunity to improve brand awareness. But at the same time, through the hotel to join a rapidly expanding market economy, is also facing some problems, such as enterprise does not participate in the direct management of the hotel to join lead to quality of service does not match.

In fact, compared to the star, hotel developers now care more about the brand. Zhang Yan said, Chengdu hotel, reached star standard hotel more and more, but not all the standards of the hotel will go rating, companies are more willing to spend more effort to build their own brand and features, which is in recent years to many developers involved in Featured Hotels reasons. The label has its own culture, especially in the style of decoration services as much as possible reflect the theme of the market for this type of hotel is more easily accepted because of their distinctive characteristics.

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