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 Thinking of hotel information technology boom

Today, scientific and technological progress, economic development, industry market saturation, increased competition in the hotel industry could not escape this situation. So the hotel have sought to improve the quality of service at a low cost, enhance the competitiveness of the channels. In this context, the hotel information technology has become the hottest new strategy. However, in the Hotel competing armed with information technology, it is bound to be rational whom can not blindly follow the trend.

Way to show hotel information

Online booking

China's e-commerce in the 1990s started to enter the stage of stable development of 20th century, and the popularity of 3G makes the whole network throughout the era of e-commerce V5 molding. Popular of the era of e-commerce, online booking has become the hotel steps of the basic information, the Internet anywhere in the modern era, online booking is undoubtedly the book than the phone is more convenient, and more effective means.

Intelligent management

Hotel how energy consumption? Intelligent means to improve hotel management and efficiency? Various intelligent systems closely interconnected, coordinated work? Hotel intelligent management system is a tool used to solve these problems. Including: building equipment control system, security system, computer network system, integrated management system, through the above system of the hotel's public resources for scientific management, reduce operating costs, ensure the safe operation of the hotel. In addition, the hotel also has a include data collection, preservation, processing, transmission control system. From the front desk guests check-in, check-out the background of the financial management, personnel management, procurement management, warehouse management, and intelligent management system will be connected to fusion, constitute a complete hotel information system, effectively improve hotel efficiency.

Human services

The hotel industry is a service industry king hotel service is not a single, traditional, pour some tea, bed making sweeping series of human serve behavior by employees, but instead sought from the guest standpoint, information technology equipment provide the full range of human services to meet the needs of guests diversification and personalization. The most obvious is very popular digital rooms, hotel rooms multimedia technology in recent years, so that guests can watch TV in the room, to view video on demand, the use of computer networks, information consultation, request service interactive room facilities control , hotel View function, provide personalized human services, to meet the customers demand for high-quality, high-quality, guest satisfaction, and enhance the image of the hotel and brand influence. Digital Room is now the core of the hotel building, is the most important hotel information construction, Room Multimedia wisdom e room "also became the the domestic hotel Sheng pet weapon.

Information era hotel go from here?

Professional-oriented, innovation as the soul

Information technology is ultimately a product of the era of science and technology, excellent technology, innovation is king. Hotel information products mixed today, on the basis of the amount of need quality par to win the right to speak to rely on product strength; such a competitive digital age, the fast eat the slow has become the motto of the managers, who moment grasp the trend, who was first to grasp the opportunity, will be the first to capture the market and become the industry leader, innovation is the hotel always grasp the power of information technology weathervane.

Not the most expensive, just the most suited to their

When all types of hotels have used information technology to arm themselves, can not blindly follow the trend, according to their design, the most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable, such as luxury hotels, more funding, the intelligent from scratch, armed to the foot; theme Hotels, focusing on the special characteristics of information available to its own characteristics perfect interpretation; economy hotel chain, the advantage is that convenient, fast, and therefore do not have to talk to intelligent devices strong words luxury hotel, each hotel has its own unique smart style. Moreover, like the "wisdom e room" are based hotel customization, based on the size of the hotel and objectives, for Hotel "tailored" to create the most suitable for their own intelligent style.

Self-monitoring and management of hotel

Many technology companies creating an information environment for the hotel, the hotel can not be monitored and managed Hotel To carry out energy-saving control, intelligent monitoring and so will be hindered. The hotel is bound to the future of information technology improved access to their own monitoring and management of information technology program, in order to run constantly be adjusted according to the specific circumstances and update.

Undeniably, the Internet and the development of intelligent technology coupled with the government policy to promote the hotel industry has become an inevitable trend. However, running all the way in all the hotel toward the information technology, not to blindly follow necessarily from their own actual situation, choose the professional information products and take control.


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