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 Salary increase to era, what is more important talent OR cost?

Annual gold, nine silver and 10 has arrived, all large hotels catering enterprises in recruiting competition for chefs, welcome, waiters. Earlier news see Momentive point network, an international hotel jobs waiter, receptionist salary is 3,000 yuan, does not include a performance royalty and the end of the year award; well as the hotel waiter and cashier's annual salary price tag of 40,000 yuan. The battle of hotel executives from time to time staged, some hotel companies even out the monthly salary of 000 recruitment conditions, and some gift dry stock.

In order to retain talent in the era of the lack of personnel, the high salaries generally become enterprise means to recruit, have attractive conditions out. However, the behavior of this series formed unconsciously promote the influx of high-paying hotel industry. High salaries mean what? Is the human cost of the increase. Game labor costs and retain talent these two factors plaguing many hotels. For the hotel to find out which is more important, the arguments on both sides are basically uncompromising.

Human important?

Who owns the market-leading human capital in the economic globalization today, who will seize the high ground in the global market. Especially in the talent flow of globalization, the talent of the "Matthew Effect" more than ever. But the hotel industry, the lack of people already well known, the data show that in the five major categories including travel and MICE talents focus on the development of industry, high-star hotel management is most scarce, its shortage index is 0.98 (the maximum value for the 1). According to incomplete statistics, the country star hotel talent gap is more than 100,000, a rate of less than 40% of hotel management positions meet. In addition, the construction speed of the runaway star hotel personnel output counterparts, can not form a sense of belonging to the enterprise of the owners is not enough long-term vision of development in China as well as hotel employees, so that the high hotel rate of brain drain.

For a hotel businesses, people is the core of the operation of the hotel, the more high-star hotel, the greater the demand for talent, that is dependent on the hotel operation personnel greater. General business in the case of the lack of people are like? In case staffing serious shortage, the hotel staff is necessary to withstand the heavier work, and pay more for labor. Describe a very appropriate: a woman when a man used to use men as beasts. In this case, the working pressure of the hotel staff will be overweight, quit the idea will have to produce. So many hotels to retain employees to improve the treatment of employees or complement the staff gap Either way, the human cost will increase.

Costs important?

Measure the human cost of the most important indicator is the proportion of the human cost in operating income, market survey, accounted for an average of 25% of the operating income of the human cost, the the hotel human cost of the northern region of the proportion of total operating income is also higher, on average, (28%). The development of enterprises rely on employees in the context adjust the structure, improving people's livelihood income, wages and salaries rose is a foregone conclusion. The hotel industry's average pay gap compared with many other industries, given such not accounted advantage remuneration facing is unable to recruit and higher staff turnover. Therefore, the increase in the cost of hotel human is inevitable.

The hotel is not high-tech enterprises, low-profit competition has been going on for many years, raw material prices and labor costs increase the superimposed effect of enterprises. Income at a certain level, the increase in costs will undoubtedly greatly weaken the profits of the hotel. Is a budget hotel, the human cost in the structure of expenditures account for a large proportion of hotels in strict control staffing, also reflects the gradual depletion of the demographic dividend income doubling plan of the Ministry of People's Insurance, budget hotels unavoidable pressure to survive. Faced with this situation, the reduction in manpower cost has become the choice of many hotels. Of course, in this choice, the hotel can only control the number of personnel, or directly or indirectly reduce the treatment of employees.

Phase equilibria?

Either above point of view, in fact, all roads lead to Rome. On the one hand to improve the other hand, is even more serious, profits fell last are facing enterprises. Cost and manpower as both ends of the scale, no matter which head light which head weight, and can be balanced. How to make both?

Maintain manpower and cost of phase equilibria from both inside and outside. The first point is that starting from the system and the structure of the internal human resources, the first is to optimize hotel organizational structure. In fact, many hotels or caused by excessive waste of human resources, usually always feel the lack of people, but in fact optimized reasons still exist because the structure is not clear. Second, the science budget, a reasonable budget hotel it is very important during the Human Resources budget should be based on the Hotel actual situation and the level of the work carried out scientific analysis. Spirit of scientific use of working hours, improve work efficiency, and take full advantage of the spirit of human resources budget to avoid mechanically apply the formula, resulting in the waste of human resources.

The second point is that from the outside, the hotel can make use of some of the emerging technologies to achieve unmanned operation. Insiders said that the future through technology, IT tools, the use of unmanned operation to reduce the hotel's human cost. Improve the computerized system allows a hotel cashier and accounting, only this one can be years save a few million. These measures also long been hotel tried Whatever the outcome, the possibility of taking the first step to solve the problem.

Hotel as a labor-intensive enterprises, on the one hand, there has been low staff salaries, more frequent mobility problems, a salary increase tide, on the other hand, hotel, rising manpower costs and firmly curb the hotel's profits growth, they are able to do the manpower and the cost of the game is critical for the hotel.


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